uikit maker 0.1.0

Try it!

UI kit generator to handle huge css components

You can specify selectors settings in css, otherwise your generated contents will be empty.

  • uikit-amount (Default: 1) Number of rendering
  • uikit-content (Default: "") Generated markup's content (innerHTML)

Try it:

  1. Download the demo file
  2. Drop it into the "UI kit" box (The first one is only for styling and the second one is for styling and markup rendering)
  3. Use the wand and Generate UI

Drop CSS files for base style

  • {{file.name}}

Drop CSS files for UI kit

  • {{file.name}}


Selector Rendered amount Content (html) Edit Delete
{{selector.name}} {{selector.amount}} {{selector.content}} Edit Delete

Import UI kit

Drop "*.uikit" file

  • {{file.name}}

Export UI kit

Download UI kit config